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B. P. from Pembridge, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Monnow
Beat: Lower Escley (Wild Stream), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Lovely Spring day in a beautiful location. Arrived at 12 to bright sun and 16c. A few Olives hatched during the afternoon but no fish rising.

Fished a size 16 PTN into the runs at the head of the deepest pools resulting in 6 trout to 12 inches. Missed about the same and lost a few feisty little ones.

There is a lot of water on this beat and I only covered about half of it in 4 hours and I thought I wasn't hanging around!

Note to WUF some of the signage for the non fishing areas may be missing.

6 Trout


H. S. from South Croydon, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Wye - Irfon
Beat: Cefnllysgwynne (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

A tragic blank from me today. Absolutely lovely water, however my mistake was to try and work through all of it rather than to single out on the promising spots. I saw fish rise at the head of 2 of the pools. Some fly live, although poor by River Usk standards. A lot of technical riffle water elsewhere, especially on the upstream half of the beat. Apart from that there wasn't much clear activity, although it was a cloudless sky, so that never helps.


C. B. from Stratford Upon Avon, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Usk
Beat: Fenni Fach (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Stunning beat. 5 Brownies caught on wet fly and nymphs. 3 more lost, 1 an inch from the net! Tricky wading in parts, would recommend a staff. Exceptional hot and sunny day, some rises to a short March Brown hatch but I was too slow switching set ups. Called it a day at 15:30 fairly sun burnt!

5 Trout


M. C. from Gorsley, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Usk
Beat: Cwmwysg Ganol (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Despite the warm weather very little moving all day. In mid afternoon covered one of the very few moving fish and landed a trout just under 1.5 lbs.

That was the only activity for the day.

1 Trout


S. T. from Stoke-On-Trent, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: The Upper Wye
Beat: Edw Hergest (Wild Stream), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

First outing of the season and 10 trout 4-8 inches to show for my efforts. Fished the duo and caught fish on both the dry fly and the nymph. No real hatch to speak of and the only rises were those to my fly. River has changed somewhat since my visit last season; a few more fallen trees to contend with. Still, a good start to the season.

10 Trout


M. B. from Wimbledon, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Usk
Beat: Pantyscallog (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Tried on nymphs until midday without luck. Didn't se a single fish rising, no signs of fly life apart from sporadic sedges. The beat is fantastic though, it feels like an environment from J.R.R.Tolkien. Lovely day.


S. G. from Stroud, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Wye - Monnow
Beat: Skenfrith (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout

Blue sky all day and surprisingly warm by the afternoon. My first visit and the river didn't appear to be running out of the ordinary. Wind was blowing from the east and down the river.

There was some fly action, but very little over the water, only saw one rise all day.

The only fish caught was caught on a nymph in the morning, a lovely brown trout of about 1.5lb in weight. I caught it on an LBJ (little brown jobbie).

1 Trout


T. D. from Amport Hampshire, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Usk
Beat: Ashford House (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Wall to wall sunshine today, and it's a bank holiday! A couple of flurries of March Browns, but few LDOs. Four good trout including a beautiful eighteen incher. All on nymph. All returned.

4 Trout


D. J. from Evesham, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Usk
Beat: Trallong and Abercamlais (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Beautiful day weather wise and the river looked in lovely condition. For some reason though, I really struggled. Tried all sorts of nymphs, dries and even spiders. A brief hatch around 12ish mainly of large dark olives I think, some fish rising to them including one hefty one. Tried the normal dry patterns and then some emergers but they weren't having any of it. Eventually caught my two fish in quick succession in the faster water on copper head ptn under a dry. Wading tricky in places but a great beat, will definitely try this one again.

2 Trout


A. K. from Leominster, Monday 6 April, 2015

Area: Usk
Beat: Fenni Fach (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Warm at last and felt like trouting weather all be it a bit bright as the day went on. The wading is challenging here especially up through the wooded sections with a few heart in mouth moments if you want to switch banks. Well worth it however even if I do always seem to get a bit wet and bruised on this beat. Two trout to pheasant tail nymph in the morning fished as a duo on a long leader but the real excitement came at lunch time with about a 20 minute hatch of march browns. The two streamy runs I was in at the time had 3-4 large trout each rolling at the surface and flashing silver bellies. One of 1lb 12oz taken on a brown klinkhammer and a couple missed before it all went quite. Two more nice fish on GBGRHE in the afternoon capped a very satisfactory day.

5 Trout

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