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K. F. from Merthyr Tydfil, Thursday 10 July, 2014

Area: Stillwaters
Beat: Llwyn On Reservoir (Booking Office), Fishing Type: 4 Fish Permit, No. Anglers: 2

I was fishing with worm and I caught 0 fish.


R. M. from Wakefield, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: White House (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 1

My first blank on the Wye. Not even a knock. Maybe the weather? Very sunny but with a northerly wind in July - very odd. But a beautiful day all the same on the beach part of the beat. Saw half a dozen silver tourists though. Farmer very friendly and helpful. Angler on the opposite bank with a keep net - bit odd. Thanks again WUF.


A. B. &. R. T. from Wiltshire, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Wye - Monnow
Beat: Skenfrith (Booking Office), No. Anglers: 2

A classic Monnow day. Some fish had no discernible spots, others had faint spots. All yellow underparts. Caught fish on Coch y Bonndhu, Daddy Longlegs. Many Mayflies still about. Nice to see booth Kingfishers and Dippers on the same stretch.

3 Trout


M. B. from Staffs, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: Fownhope 5 (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

First time on this beat for my friend and self. Parking and access are good. The hill to get to the lower stretch is interesting. Hot sunny day with low level and flow. We both tried all over with various techniques/baits to no avail whatever I'm afraid, even the usually voracious and numerous chub seemed relatively scarce. Unfortunately, first impressions tend to affect confidence and like an earlier reporter I'm unlikely to return to this beat.


O. B. from Gloucestershire, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Loughor
Beat: Pontarddulais AA Loughor (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Sea Trout, No. Anglers: 2

Blank. Lyn and I tried the river after the committee meeting this month, starting near the top end a little after 10.30. Generally quiet at first except for brownies plucking at the tube fly. Only my second trip on this section this year, and I'm having to re-learn some of the wading after the winter's floods. There are pots developing where there used to be straight gravel runs. Lyn, fishing an intermediate line, had one heavier "sewin knock" which didn't catch on. After midnight, stirred up perhaps by my use of a surface lure despite the moonlight, a few sewin in the 3-5 pounds range showed, one of them jumping virtually under my rod top. One violent wrench on the lure (a Towy Intruder) which also failed to connect properly. Left at 2AM as we both had things to do in the morning, with that feeling we had somehow been near to success but "just missed it" this time.


M. F. from Exeter, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: Foy Bridge (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

Arrived at 12.0pm,on a very bright day. Fishing was slow during afternoon but fished much better as evening approached. 12 chub between 2-6 pounds and 3 barbel to 8 pounds between the 2 of us.

3 Barbel, 12 Chub


D. S. from London, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: Wyastone Leys (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 3

A beautiful stretch of the river wye. We fished the 9/10. The fishing was a bit slow but we all know there's no guarantees in fishing. River looked perfect, slightly coloured. A good steady flow, Ideal. Although I did have cormorants swimming about. Which may be the reason the fish disappeared. The barbel went 9lb 8oz & 7lb & the chub weighed 5lb 7oz. All caught on pellets. So no complaints. Always a joy just to be on the banks. Can't wait to get back.

2 Barbel, 1 Chub


G. J. from Merthyr Tydfil, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: Upper Holme Lacy (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Coarse, No. Anglers: 2

The farmer was there to greet us on arrival and was a very pleasant guy. He told us what he could about the stretch and gave us permission to drive through the tipi field to drop our gear off which shortened the walk a little and was appreciated (although DON'T do this without permission).

Wasn't sure what to expect when it came to swims based on the catch reports but was pleasantly suprised to find that there were far more fishable areas than reports would suggest. The Wye is never going to be a place where you find flat, comfy swims, and such is the case here. Any seasoned Wye angler will have no trouble at all...and a 2 strand barbed wire fence is hardly an insurmountable barrier!

The weather wasn't ideal but I had a 3.5 chub first cast which was closely followed by a 6lb barbel. Went dead for a couple of hours then had two 3lb chub in two casts, then had to endure another quiet few hours before barbel of 4 and 5 came along in consecutive casts.

Was pleased to see an otter surface under my feet, take a good look at me and then casually mooch off but didn't have another bite after that. Whether that was the reason or not I couldn't say based on the two dead spells I endured.

My old man sat it out and his patience paid off from a very tight swim at last knockings with the biggest barbel of the day at 7-07.

A very pleasant evening made even better by my first sighting of a Wye otter - despite fishing the river for over 20 years!

4 Barbel, 3 Chub


D. A. F. from Wigan, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Wye - Irfon
Beat: Cammarch Hotel Lower (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Had a day previous on the upper beat finished with 2 Trout & 2 Grayling, had to leave a day early due to problems at home when i should have fished the middle beat. River conditions were low but fishable providing you search out the deeper gullies (which were plentiful). Had catches on various flies mainly spiders but the trout came to small dries (size 20's black midge). One Grayling on a leaded pink shrimp. Bright sunshine each day but rises were showing on most parts of the river, wading was good especially on the upper beat with good gravel bottom in most areas. Used a 4wt 9ft rod with floating line and 12ft leader. Lost a VERY good fish that actually took line off the reel but unfortunately came off a few yards away (presumed Grayling with the way it fought).

Trout averaged just under half a pound with one around one and a half, Grayling to approx 12" in length, mainly in the faster runs. Fantastic few days, will definitely return.

5 Trout, 2 Grayling


R. W. from Canon Pyon, Wednesday 9 July, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Glan-yr-Afon (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Difficult evening, river low, seems to be carrying algae bloom, as not running clear? Trout deep in fast runs caught on small heavy nymph. Need some rain!

4 Trout

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