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S. M. from Wiltshire , Saturday 3 May, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Chainbridge (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Arrived at 7am. River perfect. A 12lb silver cock fish took my Golden Killer just under the bridge on the 3rd cast! A dogged 15 minute fight ensued (with some aerobatics). It was duly measured and safely returned.

Fished hard for another eight hours but only two 8oz trout took exception to the Killer and were safely returned. A beautiful sunny day with only the call of buzzards interrupting proceedings. One or two yellow May Duns hatching.

1 Salmon, 2 Trout


M. C. from Swansea, Saturday 3 May, 2014

Area: Towy & Cothi
Beat: Dolaucothi (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 2

Spent the whole day walking south of the Pub to the bottom car park. Water levels were relatively low with the lack of recent rain. Tried the junction to start on nymphs with no signs of life. As we walked the river found the occasional promising section but again no signs of any fish.

From about 11 the insect life came alive giving us some hope of seeing some rising fish. Again not much to report. Switched to dry and a tried of a variation on a small pheasant tale. By this point we had walked a lot and hardly seen anything. Casting on the occasional promising section.

Just south of the middle parking and the bridge got a couple of small 5" browns, (could have been the same fish caught twice!). Both on the same dry fly. No other success on this section following the short spell of activity.

Managed to dodge the angry cows and tried some very promising sections and a lovely looking pool with deep water. Tried a variety of nymphs etc as the water was full of small creatures. However no sign of fish, no takes.

Tried a little further downstream after seeing a few rises but no takes.

All in all a lovely remote section but would only recommend exploring form the middle park and bridge down, didn't have time to go north of the junction. Felt like it would have been more productive than it was. I'm no expert fisherman but certainly have seen more fish rise/swim in other rivers/sections previous. Nice bit of isolation from the world though.

2 Trout


M. D. from Barry, Saturday 3 May, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Canal and Rivers Trust (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

My first time on this beat. Got confused with the difference with Glanusk Tymawr, but it makes sense now. The two salmon pools are indeed very difficult. Good upper stretch for trout, and plenty of flies. I had 5 good takes but struck to soon, pulling the fly out of 3 mouths and losing 2 flies in the other two mouths! Silly boy...!


N. B. from Wimborne, Saturday 3 May, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: Red Lion/Moccas Fishery (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 3

River high. No salmon caught or seen. Fished for 8 hours.


M. D. from Surbiton, Saturday 3 May, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Trallong and Abercamlais (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Lovely days fishing with a few fish starting to rise. Most fish taken on nymphs with a couple to emerger patterns.

4 Trout


E. N. from Worcestershire, Saturday 3 May, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Cefn Rhosan Fawr (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 3

The river was pretty low and crystal clear, along with bright sun making tricky conditions. Clearly plenty of fish in the beat when seen rising. Lots of Mayfly about, although fish only rose extensively for about an hour (very tricky to tempt and super spooky too) and the river seemed to go 'dead' toward the evening (it got very cool). Two trout lost right at the net! A great day had never the less. This beat is vast and very pretty. It contains a great variety of water in both open and wooded areas with good access all the way along.


H. S. from London, Saturday 3 May, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: Goodrich Court (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Water around 2' on the gauge the day before. Water cleared well through the day having started cloudy. But very bright and a lot of canoes. No salmon seen but a nice piece of water that seemed to fish okay despite relatively high water.


B. M. from Leigh Sinton, Friday 2 May, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Ashford House (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Another amazing few hours at Ashford House today. I arrived at 10am and the river looked like hot chocolate so on went the tungsten Pheasant Tail. The second cast produced a fine 1lb BT and so it went on until 2pm when I packed up and went home. The largest landed was around 1.5lb (taken). I also witnessed an otter splashing around in the head of the same pool I was fishing (amazing). Fortunately I did better than him! Then the usual fly past from the Hercules C130 at about 20 feet, great place!

5 Trout


M. B. from Hereford, Friday 2 May, 2014

Beat: H&DAA Vinyard Stream, Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Fish taken @ 18.30 hrs on devon minnow red & yellow.

Hen fish of 36ins in length and had been in the river system for a while but a was in good condition, it was returned without any problems.

PS The free net was brilliant.

1 Salmon


P. S. from Yarpole, Friday 2 May, 2014

Area: Upper Wye
Beat: The Rectory (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

Was only a matter of time! Arrived at 10.30, river tinge of colour, looking great.

Started in the Rock pool, saw 2 fish move around lunch time, tried but they didn't oblige. Fished the Bridge pool, had lunch went back to The Rocks, BINGO, 15lbs of silver on home tied Allys/flamethrower double on slow sink tip. More fish seen after.

TIP; give up any DIY this weekend go fishing for Salmon!

ps. Trout anglers 'Mayfly have started'

1 Salmon

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