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C. S. from Alcester, Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Glan-yr-Afon (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 2

First time either of us had fished a River for Trout, so our Zero Scorecard says more about us than the River which met or surpassed our expectations. Excellent water quality and what looked like the perfect level; The Passport description is very accurate, especially where it says, "Wading medium to difficult". Chest Waders are a must although I did manage with Waist waders even though some fine looking Pools were out of my reach.

Temperature rose steadily through the morning, after a cold night, with the sun strong enough to colour my neck! A superb hatch of March Browns occurred around 12.30 and again about an hour later but even that didn't seem to get the Fish rising, despite having various artificial MB's in my box.


D. E. from Newbridge, Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Stillwaters
Beat: Usk Reservoir (Booking Office), Fishing Type: 4 Fish Permit, No. Anglers: 2

An amazing days fishing. We only took 1 rainbow of around 1 and half pounds, but caught 19 between me and my son (he won 10 to 9). We caught 1 on worm, 5 on rubber shad lures and 13 on spinners. All caught on the east side with the biggest around 3lb and all returned in perfect condition. A day that we will remember all of our lives.

19 Trout


K. M. from Maidstone , Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Dinas & Abercynrig (Booking Office), No. Anglers: 1

Glorious day !

Arrived around 10.00am, fished the duo from the parking area to the bottom of the sewage pool. Looked very fishy but fish thought otherwise. Tried some deep nymphing in the bottom pool, no luck.

Then fished the duo in the stretch near the bottom fence enclosed by two outcrops of bed rock. 5 fish in 2 hours lost 2 landed 3, all on a ptn below a Klink. Very lively fish, all around 10oz. Stockies?

Nothing that could be described as a hatch, and no fish seen rising to the occasional fly that did come off the water.

I Lost my Gerber multi tool at or near the parking area, maybe on the bank when making a brew. If anyone finds it please advise W&U.

Thanks to Alison for her normal excellent service!

4 Trout


J. M. from Banbury, Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: Courtfield (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 2

(No comments were posted)


J. M. from Banbury, Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Middle & Lower Wye
Beat: Wyebank (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Salmon, No. Anglers: 1

(No comments were posted)


S. M. from Herefordshire, Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Glanusk Tymawr (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 2

The Usk was still carrying 6" or so of extra water, making parts of the beat quite difficult to access. Booking 1 rod on the Glanusk Tymawr beat and one on the Canal & Rivers Trust water opened up a lot more possibilities and is well recommended if two rods are fishing.

There were sporadic but not prolific hatches of olives throughout the day, with the occasional grannom and stonefly. We caught 6 trout in all with most around the 1/2 mark coming from the steadier water on a variety of nymph patterns. The biggest was around 1lb and took a klinkhammer in pocket water.

A great day to be out in the spring sunshine but the fishing wasn't easy!

6 Trout


S. M. from Hereford, Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Canal and Rivers Trust (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 2

See return ID:14675

6 Trout


R. H. from Ledbury, Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Lugg & Arrow
Beat: Arrow Kington (Wild Stream), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

A few fish moving when I arrived so only fished on the surface hoping to rise a fish but nothing fancied my offering. I noticed on feedback that someone had fished this beat the day before & had a spectacular day. Perhaps I should have used the same tactics but not my idea of fly fishing.


R. L. from Godstone, Friday 11 April, 2014

Area: Usk
Beat: Cwmwysg Ganol (Booking Office), Fishing Type: Trout, No. Anglers: 1

Had a wonderful time and the location was lovely. Caught 2 wild trout on a gold head hares tail nymph first on the Friday at the bottom of the beat. Upsteam on the forth cast, 1lb in weight. Weather was warm and sunny. Fished the whole beat upstream and on the return downstream, just the two swims down from the water fall. I caught the second about 1 1/2lb downstream at about mid day. Both great condition. Nothing on Saturday as the temperature dropped.

2 Trout


R. W. from Robin Woods, Friday 11 April, 2014

Beat: Llysdinam , Fishing Type: Salmon

Steven Grimwood caught another hen fish around 20lb this time on a blue and silver minnow on Friday evening on April 11th.

Robin Woods (see photo) caught a 7lb cock fish on spinner this morning (14th April), both fish in the Aber pool. Other fish have been seen! Also Ben woods has caught two large trout on Rapala, both over 3lb, one was very silver so may have been a sea trout? All returned.

2 Salmon

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