Sugwas Court

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Just over 1 mile of left bank fishing a few miles above Hereford. This is an exceptional example of middle river Wye fishing containing all the favourite species.

The top part of the fishery is characterised by fast flows over a gravel riverbed, with deep gullies at the margins; perfect habitat for barbel and the huge shoals of chub that inhabit this part of the river. Stout tackle is recommended as they are often found to specimen size. The lower/middle part of the fishery is deeper and slower and provides likely areas to fish in higher flows. Other species include roach and dace, with the pike that prey on them lurking in the deeper, lower section of the beat.

This fishery will accommodate a variety of tactics but most appeal should be for the roving coarse angler, where even a full day may not be enough to explore all the likely spots.

Wading is easy over the mostly gravel riverbed, although felt soles are recommended.

Parking and access to the fishery is excellent. There is a choice of two parking spots at the bottom of the fishery with a short walk to the river or vehicle access directly to the bank for the upper half of the fishery (4x4 only during the winter months).

August 2014 - 9 NEW SWIMS have been cleared on the upper part of this beat. Anglers are encouraged to explore this section as there is a run of faster water that will hold barbel and can produce salmon here. From the uppermost swim, anglers in thigh waders will be able to wade up river and enjoy some excellent trotting water. Please see the Beat Gallery.

Availability & Pricing

Rod Type SalmonCoarse
Dates Thu 3rd Mar to Mon 17th Oct Fri 1st Jan to Mon 14th Mar
Thu 16th Jun to Sat 31st Dec
Max no. of rods daily 44
Price per Rod £30-£37£15-£22

Rules and Regulations

  • This Beat operates a Wash-Off Policy
  • Catch & release for all species
  • No Dogs Allowed
  • No Night Fishing or overnight camping
  • No Keepnets

Maps and Directions

Beat maps and directions will be Emailed to you when a booking is made for this Beat.