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Friday 7 October, 2016

Chainbridge (Usk) Stuart Macoustra landed a 5lbs grilse #10 Blaxk Boar from under the bridge, released

Saturday 26 April, 2014

River Towy- Abercothi: 9lbs sea trout caught last night on fly.

Tuesday 18 March, 2014

Courtfield: 15lbs spinning this morning. Several kelts also reported.

Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

Wednesday 17 April, 2013

The rain came and went giving a decent spate to both rivers. The Wye carried a lot of colour; grey at first but giving way to a peaty stain. The snow has almost gone from the high ground. The forecasts suggest that Wales will miss the next front and rain will likely hit the north west and Scotland. The Met Office have changed the format of their rain forecast and it can be seen here.

Prior to the rain, the middle Wye was doing well with April salmon catches now up to 90 half way through the month. Usk salmon were beginning to show on the lower beats but the uplift will have taken fish on both rivers upstream. Already one has been lost at Erwood and we would anticipate that salmon could have reached Crickhowell.

Trout fishing has picked up with the rise in temperature. At Llanover on the Usk, two fishers report taking 17 trout in good condition. The largest was 17" a terrific Large Dark Olive hatch put the trout in a taking mood.

The company behind the Severn Barrage proposal, Hafren Power featured in the media this week and a report can be found on the BBC website.
It seems that the central figures have had difficulties with finance in the past.

At last some of the other signs of spring have arrived: Sandpipers, House Martins and Swallows. The banks here are lined with Wood Anemones Marsh Marigolds. March Browns are still appearing and we would very much like to hear from you if you see them; Olives and even Grannom complete the invertebrate picture.

In our view there is been no better time to go fishing. If you are after trout, the Usk is fishing well and so are some of the Wild streams, the best fish reported so far came from the Clywedog. Upper Wye trout are taking a little longer to get back into condition but they seem to grab anything.

Wye salmon should be well spread out and the upper river should offer the chance of a fly caught monster. Gradually, the middle and lower river will come back into fishing order as levels drop. Of the salmon Passport beats only about 5% have been let to date this year - there is plenty of opportunity.

Sheep House, Clyro Court and Hay Castle are up for sale and bookings have been discontinued there. The Canal and Rivers Trust fishing at Ty Mawr, on the Usk is now available. Combined with the adjacent beat it offers excellent value at GBP45 for two rods. Lower Carrots and Luggsmouth is once again open having resolved access issues. Some beats are offering 3 salmon rods for the price of 2 or 3 days for the cost of 2.

Please keep the reports coming.

All the best from WUF.

Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

Monday 15 April, 2013

12th April 2013

Expect a small rise in water levels today and possibly over the weekend, perhaps more so on the Wye than Usk, where the Monnow and other tributaries will bring extra water into the river. I can't tell you about the Lugg at the moment - an oak tree has fallen across the river taking out the power lines. We are expecting this and the Rhayader webcams to come back on line soon, as work is now complete on the latter.

There have been some interesting catches since last weekend's tally of big fish. The first, however, is from the Usk. But for the measles outbreak in Swansea, ITV would have done a news piece on the recovering salmon fishing of Wye and Usk. Given some extra time, the crew went to Jean Williams in Sweets Tackle shop, Usk, who in turn asked Chris Brain to cast a fly for the camera. Six casts later, a 12lbs fish took and was duly landed....while the camera rolled! Chris, who is a WUF trustee, had none of his spring flies with him as he wasn't really expecting any action. Luckily he had a small summer fly which did the trick.

On the Wye, last week's four 30lbs fish have been topped by a 36lbs fish from Seven Sisters, taken by Adam Fisher - his second ever fresh salmon! This is a minimum estimate as it was a very well-conditioned fish. There has been a good spread of catches from the confluence of the Lugg downstream, with just one fish taken above.

Trouting is beginning to move. The snow has all but gone and temperatures are starting to rise bring a fish on the take. A few grannom have been reported although the main hatch probably won't happen for another week or so. Otherwise, Large dark olive and March Brown hatches have been steadily increasing with the improving weather and rising water temperatures.

Work has been done to block off forest drains in the Irfon catchment. By removing the trees in what was formerly a natural wetland and putting in a series of peat dams into the principal forest drains, water will spill out and re-wet the whole area. A season's vegetation growth will cement the dams in place. This is part of the ISAC EU Life + project, which is expected to finish in the autumn. The benefits of reducing peak floods and acting as water storage will be appreciated by everyone involved with the river.

Prospects: How far will fish want to travel on a small rise or two? It's difficult to predict but this should provide encouragement for them to progress above the Lugg on the Wye and perhaps to Abergavenny on the Usk. Trouting will improve as temperatures continue to rise. As ever, keep an eye on the gauges, forecasts and catch returns.

All the best from WUF.

Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

Monday 8 April, 2013

At last some sun! Even if it's been freezing at night and quite cold when the wind gets up during the day, there is a hint that spring is trying to appear. River temperatures have struggled to rise a degree but remain suppressed by melting snow upcountry.

Finally, Wye river temperatures rose above the estuary and salmon entered the beats below Hereford. Some 25 were reported to WUF following the weekend but there were some monsters amongst them. On Sunday afternoon, father and son Wye ghillies Joe and Lyn Cobley netted a thirty pounder for their angler, Lyn landing the larger at 33lbs from Ingeston and Joe's at 30lbs. One lucky fisher Lawrence Birkin hooked five also on Sunday land four of them the largest again 30lbs but also a 25lbs fish. He was fishing at Aramstone. Full details on the website.

On the Usk there has been little salmon activity but a very decent March Brown hatch in amongst a "proper" hatch of large dark olives. We have heard of a 5lbs fish from Crickhowell area. Rises last from lunchtime to teatime and then it goes quiet. Wye trout are beginning to show but the upper river is a bit on the cold side - should improve daily.

The winner of the Wild fish return draw was none other than Denise Ashton of the Wild Trout Trust. (Flies on their way Denise.) Cadora Backs at Redbrook will now be available on Thursdays on line or via the booking office. Two rods can fish this half mile stretch.

Litter Pick News from Tony........
"This litter pick does take me to amazing places and to see some most extraordinary sights.
In the last week-- the middle Ithon that is the case around Alpine bridge, the top of the Irfon where I watched Peregrines sunning at the top of the cliff of the glacial valley in the snow and down to where the big river bursts out of the rocks of Wales into the beginnings of the Herefordshire plain below Glasbury bridge. Here with the sound of Curlew and Oyster catchers on the millions of tons of gravel and the Sand martins forlornly winging overhead in the freezing wind.All the time I am with people who gave up a few hours to enjoy it and do their bit to help the river."

"Not everyone comes with me - many are 'doing' their own patches, organising others, or just giving moral support."

The map is begining to show considerable progress and the odd photo.

"But there is still a lot to do.So here are a few more April dates (all 10am).

Tues 9th- Crossgates- Support Angling Trust
Sat 13- Glasbury Bridge
Tues 16th- Crossgates
Wed 17th- Groe Park Builth-Support S.Wales group
Sat 20th -Crossgates
Mon 22nd- Llanwrtyd- Support vols from the town
Tues 23rd- Groe Park Builth
Sat 27th-- TBC
Tues 30th-- TBC

Bring wellies,suitable clothing, lunch/drink etc.
Please let me know- I sometimes have to change venue at the last minute (my phone is 01544388510). Lifts often available from Kington area. Come along if you can. Best wishes and many thanks".

Tony (Norman)

Finally..... Salmon prospects look good on the Wye below Hereford, might be the odd one from Glasbury downstream or the lower Usk and an even odder one from either upper river. Trouting is improving as temperatures rise and there are some big ones around.

We expect the last Wyesham rods to go so if you were wondering, it may be gone soon.

All the best from WUF

Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

Thursday 4 April, 2013

The Black Mountains, still covered in snow on the north side There are drifts of up to 6ft in the Irfon and Tywi Forest and it is sufficiently cool even during the day that only a small amount melts each day. The Beacons are just the same and both rivers receive a daily influx of cold. This freezing spell looks set to last another 4-5 days. A change would be most welcome even if it means rain and snow melt. This must be one of the latest springs ever.

News from Welsh Water......
"Welsh Water and the Canal and River Trust will be continuing their extensive programme of ecological monitoring of the Rivers Wye and Usk this year. The monitoring has been agreed in a collaborative partnership with the stakeholder group of the Rivers Wye and Usk Abstraction Management Group which includes members of the newly formed Natural Resources Wales, EA, Severn Trent Water NE and WUF. The monitoring includes the full length of the main rivers for hydrology, water quality, temperature and ecology. There is also an extensive programme of planned monitoring for all designated fish species. The timing of this monitoring will be dependent on weather and migration timing. Therefore, activities to support the monitoring will commence from the start of April with the deployment of lamprey traps in the lower reaches of both rivers. All required permissions from the regulators are now in place and we have required land acce ss and angling permissions for this element of the work. The work is being delivered by Hull International Fisheries Institute (HIFI) on behalf of Welsh Water, and their vehicles will be clearly marked with both HIFI and Welsh Water logos." They will provide updates as information comes to hand.

Litter Picking: Saturday 6th April 2013. The Big litter pick continues with a good response from volunteers. Next Saturday the team will be at Glasbury Bridge for a 10.00 am start. If you would like to help, please contact Tony on 01544 388510

Until yesterday, There was practically no news of any fish being caught. However, four salmon have been taken in the Hereford to Ross section; Three from Lower Ballingham and one from Caradoc. One had tide lice showing it to have arrived very recently. Downstream, Wyesham are hoping that the water continues to drop away: Its still too high for that end of the river but should start to pick up during the next few days. The odd kelt is still being landed.

Trout fishers are hampered by both the cold and the wind. There have been a few moments when the wind drops and temperatures encourage some insect life but it doesn't last long and success has mainly come from fishing deep.

Prospects: The lucky anglers who landed salmon will all tell you they were successful because they were on the river fishing. Its tough going but the sections below Hereford may be starting to pick up and seem to offer the best opportunity. Ideally we would like spring to arrive and warm up but failing that, its putting on every stitch of clothing and facing the weather!

All the best from WUF.

Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

Friday 29 March, 2013

You guessed correctly - I'm going to start with the weather and what its doing to the the rivers. Two weeks ago, the upper tributaries of Usk and Wye looked very picturesque with huge cascades of icicles. Some sections had frozen over. It's still like that today and forecasts suggest that this unusually late cold spell will last into April.
Unlike March last year, when temperatures topped 24 C, the rivers are very cold and likely to remain so until all the ice and snow has finally melted. The result is that spring has effectively been put on hold. No sand martins as yet and very little trout activity during the day. Salmon are reluctant to leave an estuary which is warmer than the river and will only travel slowly upriver in these conditions. March (with just three days left) has been a disappointment: just 20 salmon have been landed on the Wye and a pair on the Usk. Trouting has improved in the last few days with the start of a mid day rise especially on the Usk, it's short - blink and you might miss it! So if you imagine we are still in February with March about to arrive, you have the picture with regard to rivers and fishing.

Throughout 2013, all Wild Stream catch returns will enter a monthly prize draw. A selection of small stream flies kindly donated by Frank Williams/ Guides Choice Fly Fishing will go to the winner.

The litter pick continues. From Tony Norman, litter supremo: "So far this year 50 volunteers have heaved out over 202 sacks/items of rubbish -- we could get perhaps 5 times that." "We still have a lot of the Ithon to tackle -meet at Texaco garage, Crossgates (where A 44 X A 483) at 10 am - wear wellies, appropriate clothes and bring lunch Please let me know if you are coming- I sometimes have to change at the last minute My phone is 01544388510"

Sat March 30th
Tues Apr 2nd
Fri Apr 5th

Sat Apr 6th - Meet at Glasbury bridge to support canoes - Glasbury to Hay

A wildlife evening with Iolo Williams in support of the Velindre cancer centre in Cardiff on 15th April should be interesting. Iolo has been very supportive of WUFs work. Full details - http://www.velindrefundraising.com/welshwildlifetalk

Our advice: As temperatures rise, so fishing will improve. Ideally a small spate would help to bring salmon in but some will come anyway. Yesterday a fish was caught at Whitney, rather out of the blue but it happened because someone was there casting a line..... Take gloves!

All the best from WUF.

Wye & Usk Foundation Newsletter

Thursday 7 March, 2013

The salmon and trout season started on Sunday 3rd March. Both rivers registered a brace of salmon on the opening day. However the lucky pair who caught the first on each river get a bottle of champagne. They are Hylton Preece, 19lbs from Garnons and Roger Barker 8lbs from Crickhowell and District’s new beat at Pantygoytre. Catches started slowly as last year but the last two days have seen five fish caught from Wyesham and an estimated 25lbs fish from Ingeston near Ross. Kelts have been in evidence: Ingeston again recording one of 44”.

The cold is keeping the trout down with sporadic, short lunch time rises on the Usk making catching difficult and next to no activity on the Wye, as yet. There have been frosts of -7 up- country. Trout and salmon fishers will be hoping for warmer days even if it means some more rain.
A notable fish is Ian Nesbitt’s huge 3lb 4oz grayling. The Wye does hold some monsters but they get more difficult to catch with age!

The ticket dispenser at Talybont Reservoir has moved on, leaving behind a couple of sawn off supports. Tickets can be obtained from WUF in advance, by phone or on line but not on site. There has been quite a lot of tree clearance on the road side, removing some of the obstacles to casting.
For the coming week, a look at the forecast is essential. There’s a very mixed bag of weather ahead. Warm until Sunday and then a cold snap with night frosts and sunny days. Generally no need for an early start on these cold days! Salmon fishers below Hereford will be quite happy with the levels at the moment, while the majority of the Usk and the rest of the Wye would not mind a wash through.
Wyesham: Six salmon so far this week

Ian Nesbitt’s 3lbs 4oz Grayling taken near Builth
Choose your day and fishery accordingly. And if you need advice, the office will help.

Coarse fishing has been confined to Piking and chub fishing. The low temperatures have put the barbel and dace down. We don’t know if the last week will be bring them on the take as they did last year at this time.

There are still a few spaces for season rods at Wyesham, Rectory, Wyebank, Courtfield, Home, Thomas Wood and Severn Sisters. On the Usk: Pontypool Park and Chainbridge.

All the best from WUF.

PS Would Hyton and Roger please contact the office.

Wye & Usk Foundation News Update

Saturday 2 March, 2013

Like buses, you wait for ages then several come along together. This follows on from yesterday’s note because the BBC News website has some very important news about the Severn Barrage. Use the follow address for more information.


It seems that the Select committee share our views of the current proposals. I also didn’t mention that we are offering a bottle of champagne for the first fish caught on both rivers. Hopefully this will be tomorrow.

If you are the lucky person or know who they are, please get in touch with us immediately.

Best wishes from WUF.

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