Horror Show: 3
Redbrook Effluent

Looking upstream to the Redbrook water treatment plant's point of discharge into the Wye.

For quite some time the water treatment plant at Redbrook has been discharging untreated sewage into the lower Wye. More recently, there have been sightings of dead salmon and fry in the margins downstream of the works. Understandably, fishery owners in the area have been increasingly frustrated about the lack of any real improvement in the situation, despite informing Natural Resources Wales about the pollution a number of times. There have been reports that the discharges have now been happening after dark or early in the morning.

Quite apart from the visible effects, this treatment works is just above that part of the river affected by the tide and there are concerns that the discharges may inhibit fish migration from the estuary. Studies have shown that the longer salmon wait to enter the river, their mortality rates increase dramatically. Are these discharges interfering with Wye salmon migration?