The Big Upper Wye Litter Clear Up

Click HERE for full size mapWUF volunteers Peter Loughran (left) with Simon and Arlo Evans prepare to start clearing from the source of the Wye on Plynlimon, which can be seen in the background.Rod Symondson removing a lorry tyre from the Wye river at Newbridge.Volunteers from Builth Wells with their haul.WUF volunteers with 14 sacks of litter and a number of chemical drums taken out of the first 8 miles of the Wye from its source.

On February 1st 2012, a twelve week initiative to clear litter from the upper river Wye was launched. Groups of volunteers, organised by Keep Wales Tidy and WUF, with support from the River Wye Preservation Trust (RWPT), will begin the clean-up from the river's source at Plynlimon downstream to Builth Wells and beyond. The exercise is an extension of a successful campaign in 2011, in which 220 volunteers removed over 50 tonnes of rubbish from the rivers Lugg and Arrow, highlighting the amount of litter and other pollutants entering the rivers.

The Big Upper Wye Clean-Up will also cover several of the Wye's ecologically important tributaries. Overall, it is hoped that 100 miles of a river that is protected under European law will be litter free by the end of April. The progress of the project can be seen on the map to the right.

We would be delighted to hear from anyone willing to help out with the clean-up. If you can spare a few hours, please contact the Foundation on 01982 520 357 or email us. Alternatively, you can contact Rachel Palmer at Keep Wales Tidy on 07717 497 442 or by email.

Progress to Date:
- The 100 miles is complete! A team of 3 volunteers cleared 5.5 miles of Tarennig at the very top of the Wye, taking us 3 miles past the target. Our thanks to all those individuals and organisations that have helped in this project. It is extremely important that litter is not strewn along the riverbanks - click here to see why.

The end results of the project were:

30.04 - The final efforts to take us over the finishing line have been curtailed by the high water levels but we will complete the 100 miles in the next couple of days.
28.04 -3 volunteers cleared a 3.25 mile section of the main Wye from the Dernol confluence down to the Marteg confluence. They collected an impressive 29 sacks of litter and other items, mostly of agricultural origin. In a separate effort, 5 other volunteers were out on the Rhyd Hir and main Wye, working their way upstream. They managed to haul out a further 5½ bags of rubbish.
26.04 - 2 WUF staff members cleared a section of the Builth Road Dulas today, collecting 16 sacks of litter in just a few hours. The rest of the stream is being cleared by the Builth Road Community Action Group.
23.04 - There was a big effort over the weekend with 11 volunteers clearing the Rhayader to Llanwthwl section on Saturday, removing 42 sacks of rubbish. On Sunday a party of 5 canoeists (with special dispensation to paddle) cleared the in-stream litter from Newbridge downstream. They collected a further 38 sacks and 13 other items; a terrific effort. You can see how they got on here.

There are only 17.4 miles left to achieve the 100 mile target before the end of April. Parties will be going out on Tues 24th, Sat 28th & Mon 30th. Anyone able to help can contact us at or on 01874 711 714. Alternatively, you can just show up at 10am on any of those dates at the layby on the A470 at the Marteg outfall (bring refreshments) where Tony Norman will meet you.

17.4 - 5 volunteers cleared the Elan today from the dams downstream to the confluence with the Wye. From the 4 miles of river they cleared 19 bags and 12 other items of litter. The total river length cleared now stands at just under 80 miles.
15.4 - 3 WUF teams were out, 2 of which cleared from the source of the Wye at Plynlimon to just above Llangurig. The other team had special permission to use a canoe out of season to clean from Boughrood down to just above Glasbury. In total, 38 sacks of litter and other items were removed from over 9 miles of river.
14.4 - A group of 5 volunteers cleared a 1¾ mile section of the Wye from Llanwthrwl bridge downstream, collecting an incredible 31 sacks of litter and 11 other items.
12.4 - In the past couple of weeks Radnorshire Wildlife Trust have completed their impressive effort on the Marteg. In total, 45 sacks of litter were removed from this upper Wye tributary. Also, volunteers have cleared the Gwynllyn and several sections of the main river. We are now well over 60 miles completed with 358 sacks & other items of litter removed. Our thanks again to everyone who has helped so far.
26.3 - 2 volunteers with help from KWT have just completed another section of the Doldowlod Estate water. In addition to the 6 sacks of agricultural litter, they also collected a surveyor's pole and a flag of St George. We suggest dropping it a little nearer Hay-on-Wye to whoever was trying to send it back to England!
25.03 - Builth Anglers and KWT cleared 1 mile of river, clearing an impressive 21 sacks and 4 other items. The length of river cleared now stands at 38 miles.
24.03 - 5 volunteers organised by Keep Wales Tidy cleared ½ mile of river bank at Rhayader, collecting 8 sacks of litter.
22.03 - 4 volunteers cleared the Rhayader section of the Rhyd Hir Brook this morning, collecting 7 sack loads and 14 other items of litter.
13.03 - 4 volunteers cleared the Bidno, an upper Wye tributary, and another section of the main stem. Over 35 miles of river has now been cleared.
10.03 - 3 volunteers cleared 2 miles of the Troedyrsgair and 1 mile of the main Wye over the weekend. They collected 18 sacks of rubbish and 4 other items in total. Over 1/3 of the 100 miles now completed.
09.03 - 3 miles of the Doldowlod Estate's water has been completed, with 30 sacks of rubbish collected.
06.03 - A further 3 miles of the upper Wye up to Llangurig bridge completed. 88 sacks of litter and 48 other items removed from the 29 miles cleared so far.
03.03 - 2 miles of the Dernol and 1 mile of the Wye cleared by 4 volunteers. In total, they collected 16 bags of litter along with 8 other items, including a TV aerial.
29.02 - A from the National Trust, Brecon office cleared both banks of a 1.75 mile stretch of the main Wye from Newbridge bridge downstream to Brynwern bridge, collecting 33 sacks of litter and 5 tyres. Total river length now cleared stands at 21.4 miles.
28.02 - The Hirnant and Dyfnant tributaries were cleared by 2 volunteers today, another 3.5 miles of river. 6 sacks of litter was collected.
27.02 - 5 volunteers cleared the Treflyn and Cwmryn streams over the weekend, another 4 miles of river. They collected and impressive/depressing 15 sacks and 16 other items of litter, including an inflatable boat.
22.02 – The Estyn Gwyn was cleared yesterday by 2 volunteers, bringing the total length done so far to 11.6 miles.
18.02 – 2 volunteers cleared the Estyn brook.
12.02 – Owners of 2 major upper Wye beats agree to clear their own stretches.

Litter Picking Volunteers Required!!