The 2013 Upper Wye Litter Clear Up

The 2013 litter clear up is now complete! A huge thanks go to all the volunteers who braved the extremely harsh spring weather to put in such a tremendous effort. Thanks also to The Wye Preservation Trust and Keep Wales Tidy for their support and to Powys County Council who picked up all the litter we collected and, where possible, recycled it. The final tally was an impressive....

249 miles of river bank were cleared by....

194 volunteers taking....

864 hours to collect....

904 sacks of litter and other items....

60% of which were of agricultural origin.

Tony Norman is already planning next year's clean-up, which will concentrate on those parts of the upper Wye not reached this year and the main stem from Hay-on-Wye to Hereford. Again he will be asking groups and individual volunteers to join us. If you are able to help, then please contact us on 01874 711 714 or email your contact detail to




30th April

5 volunteers tackled the 2 miles upstream of Llangammach Wells collecting 16 bags of litter, 2 feed buckets, 1 x 5 gallon drum, 1 wheel, 1 drain pipe, 1 bike, 1 road sign, 1 traffic bollard, 1 drain cover and quantity of scrap. Meanwhile in the Ithon catchment, Radnorshire Wildlife Trust were out on the Camddwr with 6 volunteers, collecting 12 sacks of rubbish.

WUF volunteers with their haul from the Edw.28th April

8 WUF volunteers were out on the Edw, collecting 15 bags of litter plus 2 large tyres, 1 bicycle wheel, 3 plastic drums and a dumpy bag. Clearances on the Aran by Radnor Wildlife Trust and main Wye took place too and more of the Irfon has been completed.

27th April

3 volunteers have pretty well completed the rest of the main Ithon, collecting 12 bags of rubbish, a pile of scrap, 2 feed buckets, 1 peddle bin and a length of pipe.

23rd April

A further 3 miles of the Ithon was done today. Not much red left on the Ithon map now!

22nd April

Another section of the Irfon has been done - 10 bags + other items were collected from 3 miles of river bank below Llanwrtyd Wells. Also, 2 volunteers cleared the Ty-Newydd beat on the main Wye. Meanwhile, the last 3 miles of the Aran was completed by three volunteers, collecting 12 bags of litter in the process.

20th April

2 volunteers completed a further 4 miles of riverbank on the Ithon, collecting 10 bags of litter.

17th April

13 volunteers tackled the upper Irfon today, working their way down to just above Llanwrtyd Wells. They removed 14 bags of litter, 5 car batteries, 2 feed buckets, 1 X 5gal drum, 1 wheel and axle, 1 cover off car boot, 1 pile plastic and a quantity of scrap metal.

Volunteers tackle the Maesllwch rubbish.13th April

On what was the biggest litter day of the 2013 clean-up so far, 14 volunteers tackled a massive patch of rubbish just downstream of Glasbury. This site was where the river created a large oxbow a few years ago, now a large back eddy in high water where litter gathers and settles on the bank when the water recedes. Amongst the litter was an estimated 3,000 plastic bottles. Otherwise the volunteers collected 65 sacks of rubbish, 46 feed buckets, 11 drums, 8 wheels and tyres, 5 assorted large pieces of plastic, 3 traffic bollards, 3 inner tubes, 2 fire extinguishers, 1 half canoe, 1 part rowing boat, 1 milk crate, 1 gas bottle, 1 child's chair, 1 dustbin and finally ........... 1 litter bin.

Other parts of the main Wye have been tackled in the past few days too, including The Nyth & Tyrcelyn, Llyn Em, Plas Gwyn and Abernant. The total length of riverbank cleared since the start of February now stands at 164 miles.

Angling Trust/Fish Legal staff plus others after clearing the Clywedog.9th April

A tremendous effort by the Angling Trust & Fish Legal, plus a few others cleared the rest of the Clywedog, some 6 or 7 miles of river. 11 volunteers removed 49 bags of litter, 1 tyre, 6 feed buckets and 1 large plastic Xmas tree.

6th April

In the largest single exercise of the 2013 clean up, 15 volunteers started just above Glasbury, working their way down the 4 miles or so to Hay-on-Wye. 5 of the volunteers were on the bank while another 10 cleared in-river litter from canoes. An astounding amount of litter was taken out of the river - 63 bags of it, along with 9 tyres, 16 feed buckets, 1 chair, 1 x 50 gal drum, 6 police signs, 1 stack of electrical stuff, 1 car front bumper unit, 1 canoe (broken), 1 rowing boat (smashed) and a dog basket.

Volunteers from Groe Park & Irfon Angling club with their haul.5th April

Another couple of volunteers braved the freezing conditions to clear another 3 miles of the Ithon, from the appropriately names Alpine Bridge to the Camlo confluence, and the lower Clywedog, collecting 9 bags, 2 x 5 gallon drums and 1 length drainage pipe.

Also, Groe Park and Irfon Angling Club were out on the lowest mile of the Irfon. 9 volunteers collected 9 bags, 1 cast iron seat, 1 length of 10" plastic twin wall pipe, 1 inflatable boat (not inflated) and 1 feed bucket.

2nd April

2 volunteers cleared 3 miles of the Camlo today, a tributary of the Ithon. They collected 11 bags of litter, 1 tyre, 2 x 5 gallon drums, 2 feed buckets and a chair.

2nd April

More progress over the Easter weekend. 11 volunteers cleared the Ithon from the junction of the Aran 1.5 miles down to below junction with the Mithil. They collected 33 bags of litter, 2 drums and 1 large polystyrene box. Another 2 volunteers tackled 1.5 miles of the Ithon from the confluence of the Gwenlas downstream, completing the upper main stem of this tributary. They collected 8 bags. Meanwhile, a further 3 miles of the main stem of the Wye was completed over the weekend too.

22nd March

The Glanwye beat on the main Wye was completed today. 23 sacks of rubbish and other items were collected from 1.5 miles of river.

17th March

Groe Park Angling Club cleared 10 bags of rubbish from their stretch of the main Wye from Builth Bridge down to Glanwye.

16th March

2 volunteers covered 2 miles of the Ithon down to confluence with the Aran collecting 10 bags of litter and several other items.

14th March

More progress today, taking the total length of bank cleared to over 50 miles. 2 volunteers started at the source of the Bachawy Brook today, working their way for 1 ½ miles downstream. They managed to extract 9 sacks of litter, a jerry can and an engine cover. Meanwhile, 2 more volunteers tackled the lower couple of miles of the Camddwr, a tributary of the Ithon, collecting 9 sacks of litter and other items.

12th March

2 volunteers completed the upper Ithon today collecting 13 sacks, 1 chair, 1 twin tub top and 1 feed bucket.

9th March

2 volunteers cleared the top of the Ithon, collecting 10 bags of rubbish, 1 pram, 3 tyres and 1 traffic bollard.

6th March

2 volunteers cleared 4 miles of riverbank on the Gwenlas yesterday, a tributary of the upper Ithon. They collected 9 bags of litter and 10 other items, all of which were of agricultural origin.

Volunteers with some of the litter they collected from the Ithon.2nd March

8 volunteers spent several hours clearing a 3 mile stretch of the Ithon. They collected an impressive 30 bags of litter (60% of which was agricultural) and other items, including a large piece of lorry tarpaulin. Keep Wales Tidy also had volunteers out clearing the riverbanks around Hay-on-Wye.

28th February

Radnorshire Wildlife Trust have cleared the top 2 miles of the Aran, a tributary of the Ithon, picking 12 bags of litter.

Another team of two have picked a mile of one bank of the Wye from a little way below the Builth Bridge. They collected 4 bags, a shopping trolley and a tyre.

20th February

Volunteers cleared the remainder of the Dunhonw yesterday and a further 2 miles of bank on the Ithon. 13 bags of litter and other items were collected.

16th February

2 volunteers tackled the Duhonw on Saturday, taking out 14 bags, 3 drums, 1 feed bucket and a car battery. The remaining lengths of this upper Wye tributary will be completed this week.

9th February

2 groups were out on Saturday, one clearing a 3 mile stretch of the Ithon between Llanbister and Llanddewi Bridge of 26 bags of litter plus other items including a large piece from glass fibre boat. The other group were on the main Wye, clearing 1 mile of the left bank upstream of Erwood Bridge. 5 volunteers from Erwood Station collected 16 bags of rubbish.

8th February

We are making progress! Tony Norman (and others)have been busy trying to get permissions to walk the banks-- no small task! Several groups are organising to do stretches or all of the Bachawy, Edw, Aran, Camddwr, Ithon, Clwedog, Chewefru, Irfon, Garth Dulas, Ennig, Llynfi, Llangorse Lake and many beats of the Main Wye (Builth to Hay).

Along the banks, in the water and some short lengths-under the water! There are a lot of people lining up to get this river clear over the next few weeks. That still leaves many, many miles to do, giving plenty of opportunity to get out and help if you are not already involved above.