The 2014 Upper Wye Litter Clear Up

The 2014 clear up has finished!! Despite extremely difficult conditions for the first few weeks, Tony Norman and volunteers managed to clear just under 200 miles of riverbank in total, removing an estimated 7½ tonnes of litter - a fantastic effort and achievement of which all who were involved can be proud. A full report will follow but for now, a huge thanks to Tony and everyone who took part this year.


Latest News

29th to 30th April
The final few days of the 2014 clean up were concentrated on a big effort to complete as much of the Monnow catchment as possible. Another 46 miles of riverbank were cleared, including the main stem, the Honddu and the Dore.

20th to 28th April
More teams have been out in the Monnow catchment and have cleared over 10 miles of riverbank in the past week or so. Efforts have also continued in other parts of the catchment, including the Arrow where 2 volunteers removed what was the most disturbing find of this year's litter clearance - 2 bags of dead lambs. A 1-mile stretch of the Llynfi has also been cleared along with sections of the upper and lower Wye (outside the area of the 2014 exercise). Llandrindod Angling Club have also been clearing their section of the river Ithon.

14th to 19th April
With most of this year's target of main stem Wye complete, litter clearing in the past week or so has been concentrated in the Monnow and Llynfi systems. On the former, teams have been out completing the remainder of the Escley Brook and clearing the whole of the Olchon (both tributaries that join the Monnow near Longtown). Another 21 sacks of litter and other items were taken from the Escley (37 in total) while 18 sacks and 20 other items (batteries, tyres, feed buckets, drums) were removed from the Olchon. Meanwhile, a mile of the Llynfi has also been completed downstream of Llangorse Lake with 9 bags of litter and other items removed.

8th to 13th April

Another week of good weather has allowed us to clear a further 20 miles or so of river bank. On the 8th a team of 4 volunteers cleared a 3 mile section (right bank) of the Wye in the Eaton Bishop area. This was the last uncleared section between Hay and Luggsbridge! Also on the 8th a solitary volunteer did their bit by collecting 2 bags of litter downstream of the Carrots pub.

The next day 14 volunteers from the Angling Trust and Fish Legal were out on the Monnow. Starting from the Bell Inn at Skenfrith (very sensible!) they cleared both banks of a mile of river upstream and two miles below, collecting 41 bags of litter. The Angling Trust/Fish Legal have contributed every year since the litter picks began, starting with the Lugg and Arrow back in 2010.

On the 12th April a team of 11 tackled the Escley (Monnow tributary), collecting 13 bags and various other items.

2nd to 7th April

There has been plenty of effort in the past week or so, knocking off another 15 miles or so of river. Brecon Wildlife Trust tackled the top of the Ennig (Llynfi tributary) and the Golden Valley Fish and Wildlife Assocaition cleared a 1.5 mile stretch of the Dore. Meanwhile on the main Wye, Docklow Pools have done the Rotherwas section and last Saturday, 11 volunteers gathered for the Wye & Usk Foundation day, clearing several miles of river from the bank and in a canoe from Bredwardine Bridge downstream to Canon Bridge.

Tuesday 1st April - 3 pickers completed the right bank of the Wye down to the outfall of the Preston Brook.

Saturday 29th March - 3 volunteers on the bank helped 2 canoeists pick from Hay to Whitney.

Friday 28th March - 6 volunteers completed another 5 miles of right bank of the Wye, finishing just below the Scar. Included in the items they removed was a golf bag. Several other lengths of river have been completed in March too, including the Carrots beat below Hereford, 2 miles of the Monnow, a mile of the Honddu and whole of the Ennig (a tributary of the Llynfi). Meanwhile, 10 volunteers have removed 15 sacks of rubbish from the Wye around Bredwardine Bridge and 2 volunteers re-cleared a 3 mile stretch of the River Arrow.

Saturday 15th March - 4 volunteers continued down the right bank to opposite Letton Court, collecting 10 bags and other items, including an ironing board.

Friday 14th March - South Wales Activity Providers Group working through the Black Mountains centre were out with 9 people in canoes between Glasbury and Hay. They removed around 30 bags and other items, including 1/2 a boat! Photos of the day can be seen here.

Tuesday 11th March - 4 volunteers cleared the right bank for a further 2 1/2 miles downstream through Whitney, Castleton and Lions Den. They collected 10 sacks of litter and several other items.

Monday 10th March - 2 kayakers went from Hay downstream to the Boat Inn at Whitney, collecting 2 bags of rubbish.

Saturday 8th March - 4 volunteers were out clearing the river from Whitney Toll bridge for 2 miles downstream on the right bank. They collected 13 sacks of litter and other items.

Tuesday 4th March - 4 volunteers went out yesterday and got the 2014 litter clear up underway! The collected 31 sacks of litter and other items from the right bank between Hay-on-Wye and Whitney Toll Bridge.