What can a farm visit do for you?

Reduce inputs whilst increasing outputs to improve your farm profitability, and here's


Make best use of nutrients - assess nutrients levels in your soils and make sure your manures or fertilisers are being applied where they are needed.


Assess soil organic matter levels - low levels reduces trafficability, number of grazing days, it also means the soil has less water holding capacity so more runoff in the winter and is more susceptible to drought stress in the summer.


Assess soil structure - poor soil structure reduces infiltration rates so surface water is more likely to runoff than percolate down for use by the growing crop, therefore reducing your yields. Compaction at depth can lead to waterlogging in wet conditions as water can't drain away, and drought stress in dry conditions as roots can't penetrate down to reach water reserves.


Identify risky fields on your farm - we produce a simple risk map for your farm which takes in to account slope, crop type and rainfall to highlight risk areas and practices. It will help reduce the risk of soil loss so your valuable top soil stays in the field. It can also be used to inform where buffer strips or ditches could be placed to break run off pathways.


Reduce pesticide losses to water - prevent further pesticides being withdrawn from use by assessing how you use them in the field, how you handle them in the yard and you dispose of waste product and washings.


Improve farm infrastructure - fencing of watercourses and providing alternative source of water will reduce quantities of soil being trodden in to the streams, reduce risk of lameness and ensure access to a clean reliable water source. Replacing broken guttering and yard drainage can improve clean/dirty water separation and reduce required capacity of slurry and dirty water storage.


Grant Scheme:
Recommendations for capital improvements in your farm report can be supported by a grant of up to 50% of costs. We have an easy and quick grant process; you are paid within weeks of completion. We also have a work force who can complete most types of capital works for you if needed.

Further Benefits: