• Good soil structure increases crop yield and reduces risk of run off and improves field drainage.

  • Soil erosion in the lugg catchment is 10 times the natural rate. Hundres of thousands of tonnes of valuable top soil is carried away each year.

  • Similar problems exist in the middle Wye and Monnow catchments.

  • Current practices are NOT sustainable

  • Loss of these soils is reducing farm profitability and destroying the life in the rivers of Herefordshire

  • Soil loss is causing widespread failure of streams & rivers under European law (the Water Framework Directive)

  • Protection reduces the risk of Single Farm Payment reductions and the risk of fines, while also reducing the danger of soils washing onto roads and into houses

  • Identify high risk areas and practices

  • Reduce the risk of soil loss

  • Break run off pathways

  • Improve crop yields

  • Meet cross compliance rules

  • Protect the environment for our children



  • Improve farm profitability

  • Comply with the Water Framework Directive

  • Prevent legislation being used to control farming practices

  • Improved public relations with customers (supermarkets/local outlets)

  • Prevent removal of pesticides from the allowable list (e.g.slug pellets)

  • Make best use of nutrients

  • Reduce pesticide losses to water

  • Improve farm infrastructure: fencing; drinking places; gutters; yards.

  • Easy and quick grant process; you are paid within weeks of completion

  • Potential to increase sales of B&B and other services

  • Make the most of your shooting, fishing, & wildlife opportunities

If you are a farmer or land manager and want to get involved in the project please contact:
Mike Williams or Simon Evans on 01874 711 714