Our amazing rivers need help today to ensure they have a healthy future!

There has never been a more important time for all of us to acknowledge the impact we all have on our environment and to do what we can to help protect our precious planet.

Through the Freshwater Friends Appeal, we want to teach all the school children in the Wye and Usk area about the importance of rivers and their wildlife. 

About the appeal

Here at the Wye and Usk Foundation we are passionate about rivers! We provide exciting, enjoyable learning opportunities in and about them for schoolchildren. We want our rivers to be healthy and full of fascinating creatures, like caddisflies, crayfish, salmon and otters for children to discover!

We want to enable all the schoolchildren in the catchment areas of our rivers to have their own wonderful first hand encounters with the natural world. We need to inspire them from an early age to take positive, personal action for its benefit. We want them to become Wye and Usk Freshwater Friends for life!

Why is it important?

When children engage with the natural world in this way it can change the way they look at their surroundings, seeing the value and importance of their environment, both locally and globally.

It is vital for the rivers' future that as many schoolchildren as possible are enthused as early as possible.

Unfortunately, many children do not have the opportunity to explore and experience the wonderful watery wildlife that lives close to them. They miss out on the benefits to themselves, their communities and the environment which come from connecting meaningfully to their local environment.

Funding is the only limit to the Foundation delivering these experiences and creating more and more Freshwater Friends.

Please help our rivers by donating to our Freshwater Friends appeal!

A donation of just £5 will fund a child’s place. £200 will fund one day of the programme in a school.

Thank you!

Donating to Freshwater Friends is simple via the link at the top of this page.

You can also donate with a card payment over the phone (01874 711 714) or send us a cheque made payable to "The Wye & Usk Foundation" at the address below. Please write "Freshwater Friends" on the back so that we know which appeal it is for.