Wednesday 12th June, 2019

The wait for the start of the new river coarse fishing season is almost over and to celebrate this, the latest edition of the 2019 Fishing Passport digital magazine has been published today!

While the content of the spring edition was geared more towards salmon and trout fishing, this summer magazine has much more for coarse anglers. There are still plenty of articles to interest game anglers though - the thrills of catching sewin at night, exploring the wild upland llyns and grayling fishing in the atmospheric Welsh valleys in autumn, for example.The May trout and salmon fishing reports are now available to view on the Fishing Passport website.

We hope you enjoy reading this latest magazine and as ever, any feedback and suggestions on how we can improve future editions are welcome!

River Conditions

Both rivers are on the rise after this week's rain. Following our e-newsletter on algal blooms last week, this is just what was required, providing the flush through that the lower reaches in particular badly needed.

What conditions the Wye's coarse anglers will face on June 16th is perhaps still unclear but what is certain is that they will not find a low, algae-stained water. However, the damp conditions have given the bankside vegetation growth a boost so be prepared for an extra few inches to the nettles come opening day.

Trout anglers might be frustrated that the weather has brought to a temporary halt to what had otherwise been a good season so far. Just as the Usk was rising and colouring yesterday, a terrific blue winged olive hatch started!

Salmon anglers, who have had it tough so far this year, will be heartened by some more water in the rivers though.

Monthly Fishing Reports

The latest salmon and trout fishing reports are ready to be viewed on the Fishing Passport site, reviewing May's catches and looking at the prospects for the coming month.

Freshwater Friends

Our Freshwater Friends appeal has been running Our Freshwater Friends appeal was launched on Wednesday, 5th June at Castle Meadows in Abergavenny on the banks of the river Usk with pupils from Llanfoist Fawr Primary School.for one week and is already over a third of the way to raising the target of £15,000! We want to enable 3,000 local schoolchildren to be inspired by rivers at an early age and to take positive, personal action for their benefit.

Please help us achieve this and support the appeal. Making a donation towards the Freshwater Friends appeal is quick and simple here.

All the best from WUF.