European Maritime Fisheries Fund Project

Boosting salmonid fish stocks in the Wye and Usk Read more

Better Utilising Nutrients (BUNS)

Putting a value on clean water Read more

Delivering the Nutrient Management Plan

Improving access for migratory fish in the Lugg and Arrow Read more

Gravelling the Elan

Returning the Elan to a natural state Read more

Giving Up The Weed

A project to tackle invasive weeds in the Wye and Usk catchments Read more

Usk and Wye Abstraction Group

Securing better water resource management for the Wye and Usk Read more

Clearing Litter

The Foundation has been clearing litter from rivers since 2004. Read more

Wye Catchment Partnership

Bringing together those with a shared interest in the Wye catchment. Read more