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Associate Organisations

The Foundation has close links with several organisations that have similar or over-lapping objectives.

All these organisations support our work and some have representation on our board of trustees.

The Monnow Rivers Association work exclusively in the Wye’s second largest sub-catchment.

Monnow Rivers Association website.

The Foundation is also a member of The Rivers Trust, the umbrella body for trusts in England.

Read more about the work of The Rivers Trust.

The Foundation is a member of Afonydd Cymru (AC), the umbrella organisation for rivers trusts in Wales.

AC offer advice and guidance to the six individual trusts in Wales as well as representing them as whole at government level.

Learn more about Afonydd Cymru from their website.

The Wye Catchment Conservators (WCC) are a group that represents and promotes the interests of the river’s fishery and riparian owners.

Its predecessor, the Wye Salmon Fishery Owners’ Association (WSFOA) was integral in the formation of the Foundation in 1996. Since then, WSFOA and WCC have raised substantial funds for environmental improvements for the Wye.

Find out more about the WCC on their website.

The Lugg and Arrow Fisheries Association (LAFA) represents the Wye’s largest sub-catchment. It has been a long-standing and much valued supporter of the Foundation’s work. LAFA have a representative of the Foundation’s board of trustees and have raised considerable funds for river improvement works.

View LAFA’s website

Download LAFA Membership Form (PDF)