Procurement of temporary coffer dam for construction of a double Larinier fish pass on Ballsgate weir, Aymestrey, Herefordshire.

Location: NGR SO417660, Post code HR6 9UT


  1. During June, July and August 2019 the Wye and Usk Foundation will be construction a double larinier fish pass on Ballsgate weir as part of the ERDF funded DNMP project. The weir is owned by the Environment Agency.
  2. The work will be undertaken by Wye and Usk Foundation staff run by a CDM and NEBOSH trained Head of Operations, overseen by a Clerk of Works.
  3. The fish pass has been designed by Fishtek consulting (Annex 1).
  4. The landowners have consented to access and a work compound being established
  5. Relevant consents have been secured by EA which are provisional to the appointment of a Clerk of Works to oversee the construction.
  6. The working timeline for the works is:



Appointment of a Clerk of Works and Coffer dam contractors

14th May

Secure all consents

10th June

Finalise method statement

16th June

Establishment of site compound

1st July

Install coffer dam and dry site

5th July

Start construction of fish pass structure

8th July

Completion of fish pass structure

9th August

Installation of Larinier

16th August

Completion of installation of rip rap

23rd August

Completion of smolt notch

28th August

Remove all materials from site and restore to previous state

4th September

Open fish pass

15th September


Tasks we are seeking to procure:

We are seeking an appropriately qualified engineer to:

Quote for a site visit, solution, supply, instruction, erection and removal of a temporary cofferdam barrier to Ballsgate weir.

The quote will itemise –

Initial site survey

Equipment hire

Instillation of equipment

Removal of equipment

All appropriate RAM’s

All fixings required

Tendering process

Opens: 10th April 2019

Closes: 5th May 2019

Requirements for tender:

- Confirmation of capability

- Confirmation of availability

To be provided to Simon Evans by email.

Supporting Documents

Annex 1a Site Plan

Annex 1b Site Plan

Annex 1c Site Plan

Annex 2 Draft Method Statement Ballsgate Fishpass