At the Wye and Usk Foundation we are passionate about rivers! We provide exciting, enjoyable learning opportunities and educational activities in and about rivers for all ages and for all kinds of groups.

Enthusiastic and experienced staff

Our small team of enthusiastic and professional staff are eager to share their knowledge and experience with your students or group.

Our education provision builds on the environmental conservation work we have successfully delivered, working with partners for more than twenty years. We are dedicated to conserving, protecting and improving rivers and their entire associated ecosystems now and for the benefit of future generations.

Formal or non-formal? In your stream or in your school?

The choice is yours and we offer activities for all ages, from Foundation Phase/Key Stage 1 through to adult learners via GCSE and A Level, at very affordable prices.

For more than five years, we have been delivering education sessions to school groups across Herefordshire and Wales. All of these activities have been developed to support the objectives and skills contained within the National Curriculum and the National Curriculum for Wales.

Whether we take you stream dipping or bring the river to you in school, your students will experience the wonders of their amazing natural environment first hand. They will be able to find out for themselves which “minibeasts” inhabit your nearest stream and which indicate how clean it is. Other sessions available include “Salmon Stream Survivors”, “Water Workshops” and “Land and River Management”.

We can deliver non formal session to groups too, with a wide variety of experiential activities to be explored. These sessions have led to a local group achieving the John Muir Award.

It’s affordable and easy, so get in touch via email or on 01874 711 714 to discuss an environmental experience to remember!