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We have been delivering active, expressive, creative, cross-curricular environmental learning across Herefordshire and Wales for over 5 years. Our real life environmental experiences are delivered in ways which cater for all ages, abilities and learning styles.

Our learning opportunities complement those provided in school, to ensure the children of today will be the active, healthy, creative, confident, responsible, ethical, informed citizens of tomorrow.

All the recent research confirms what Heads and class teachers have always known: children love learning in and about the natural environment. Our sessions allow children to interact with nature, so developing their knowledge, understanding and awareness of the importance of looking after our planet and managing its precious resources sustainably.

Something For Everyone!

We offer a wide menu of opportunities to enhance learning experiences about, in and for the environment. Foundation Phase (FP)/Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2). All of these activities have been developed to support the objectives and skills contained within the National Curriculum and the Curriculum for Wales 2022.

Our Workshops include….

Salmon Stream Survivor:  In this game every child has a chance to see if they have what it takes to make it safely to the sea, facing many challenges, both natural and man-made. FP/KS1/KS2

Stream Clean Sampling: If we can walk to your nearest stream or you have a school pond, then this is a chance to work out how clean it is by dipping and identifying the minibeasts or even the crustaceans and fish you might find. FP/KS1/KS2

Fishy Food Chains: Everyone becomes a part of the river’s fascinating food chain, as they strive to stay alive, from the tiny water flea to the huge heron. FP/KS1/KS2

Eggs and Underwater Nests: Find the best way to keeps your eggs safe until they hatch! FP/KS1/KS2

Salmon Song and Dance: Sing the salmon’s lifecycle and throw some salmon shapes. FP/KS1

Sam’s Story: An interactive story that illustrates the dangers posed by people, plastic and pollution! How can we help Sam and his friends make it safely to the sea? FP/KS1/KS2

Fascinating Fact River Run: Will you be an otter, heron, salmon or something else? Will you be you be able to make it across the river safely? Only if you know what’s special about you! FP/KS1/KS2

Amazing Adaptations/Streams Inside Schools: An up close look at what lives in our rivers and how it’s adapted to survive, using Easiscopes. FP/KS1/KS2

Cool Camouflage: Devise the “parrfect” disguise to help the fry, parr or smolt to stay alive. FP/KS1/KS2

We also deliver both school and site based secondary sessions for GCSE, AS and A level groups.

We can deliver non formal session to groups too, with a wide variety of experiential activities to be explored. These sessions led to a local group achieving the John Muir Award.

It’s affordable and easy, so get in touch with Colette via email or on 01874 711 714 to discuss an environmental experience to remember!

To see what we do and to check out what teachers are saying, visit our Twitter page @WUFoundation.

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