Working in the catchment with farmers and land-owners takes a certain type of person: someone who is dynamic; who has a thorough understanding of agriculture and a real passion for the rivers we seek to protect.

Our advisers identify opportunities to improve farm infrastructure and land management that are beneficial to both the business as well as the environment.


Catchment-wide approach

In line with an ethos that has guided WUF since its inception, we work through our projects on a catchment by catchment basis to address the causes, not just the symptoms of diffuse pollution. We try to work with every farm in a catchment and our advice therefore covers a broad range of topics. It needs to be tailored to the requirements of each individual farm.

Guiding principles

Quite often, the work of the farm advisor is a distance from a river. However, all their endeavours are to the benefit of the rivers and towards achieving the Foundation's charitable objects.