Wye Catchment Partnership

Promoting profitable farming, healthy soils and clean water

Farm Herefordshire is a group of organisations that have formed a collaborative partnership to support farming in Herefordshire through the promotion of good practice, training and advice.

Herefordshire fails to meet the phosphate targets for the River Wye’s special area of conservation. All industries, including agriculture, are expected to reduce their contributions proportionally. There are opportunities to ensure that investment on farms provides multiple benefits, not only for the farm business but also for the river.

Who We Are :

The Farm Herefordshire partnership is composed of ten organisations, overseen by an elected Chair and a Co-ordinator:




Joint Chair: Martin Williams

Joint Chair: Steve Klenk

Co-ordinator: Cherelyn Griffiths-Gould

Martin Farms 800 ha arable crops on the River Wye at Fownhope. As an AHDB Monitor Farm for Herefordshire for 3 years, he’s helped to develop a strong knowledge transfer network between arable farms in the county. Martin has put a huge amount of time into highlighting the phosphate issue in the Wye and is very passionate about finding solutions to reduce the agricultural contributions. He’s has delivered several Farm Herefordshire events focusing on the challenges faced in the county and has hosted a ministerial visit for Rebecca Pow raising the issue yet further up the national political agenda.

Steve worked as farm manager for  the 1100acre Garnstone Estate in north Herefordshire. He has a long history of integrating trial work into the estate.  This includes a shared AD plant enterprise exploring phosphate stripping technology; hosting one of the ADAS MOPS trials to identify methods for reducing soil erosion risk from potatoes; demonstrating best practice as a stewardship and cover crop mix demonstration site for Kings Crops. He’s hosted many walks and on-farm events for Farm Herefordshire covering a wide range of topics including cover crops, reducing cultivations, companion cropping and managing stewardship options.

Cherelyn took on the role of coordinator for the partnership in April 2022.  Originally trained as an agricultural secretary she has for the last 13+ years supported farmers and other agricultural businesses to maximise the benefits of technology and farm software. She’s worked as a mobile farm secretary, in a different farm office each day, helping farmers manage a variety of enterprises and overcome the trials of running a business. She is aware of the challenges faced in the county and of communicating across the farming sector and bringing together all parties to deliver positive change.

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Our Work


We regularly organise on farm events to facilitate the sharing of knowledge between farmers and land managers. Find out about what is happening locally at Rural Hub Herefordshire website.


We have produced several short videos promoting good practice already taking place locally: Farm Herefordshire Videos


Free, confidential advice and support is available for your farm from our partners, please contact our Co-ordinator if you would like to find out more: [email protected]



Farm Herefordshire works alongside agronomists, levy boards, research institutions, private sector businesses, local authorities, statutory agencies and voluntary organisations. It does not promote commercial products and it is not involved in regulatory activities.