Electrofishing Data Request

Terms & Conditions

The Wye & Usk Foundation will supply the data you have requested under the following terms and conditions.
1. You must not forward it to anyone outside your organisation. Anyone you send it to within your organsiation will be subject to the following terms and conditions too.
2. While the data can be analysed and manipulated, it must not be altered and then used publically without the prior consent of the Wye & Usk Foundation.
3. Should you display the data publically (wholly or an analysis of) you must include a creditation "Data supplied by the Wye & Usk Foundation and its partners."
4. Any misuse of the data or breach of these terms could entail appropriate legal action by The Wye & Usk Foundation.
5. The Wye & Usk Foundation reserves the right to prevent you from further use of the data or refusal to supply other data sets in the future.
6. Completing this request form does not give automatic right to the data requested and we reserve the right not to send it without providing explanation.

Your Privacy

Please see https://www.wyeuskfoundation.org/privacy-policy for more details of the Wye & Usk Foundation’s Privacy Policy or use the link at the bottom of this page.