Wye Catchment Partnership

Numerous citizen science groups have formed throughout our catchments in the past few years, adding to the increasing amount of data being collected on a range of water quality parameters.

Each have a specific area in which they operate. Please see below to find our more about them and should you which to contribute, how to join them.

Friends of the Upper Wye

FOUW operate on the river Wye upstream of Hereford.

This group are actively recruiting volunteers. To find out more or to join them, please first register via the FOUW website or by email.


Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Herefordshire

CPRE are also actively recruiting volunteers in Herefordshire, including those interested in monitoring the English side of the River Lugg and Arrow.

To find out more or to join them, please first register via the CPRE website or contact them by email.


Friends of the Lugg

For those volunteers interested in helping monitor the River Lugg or River Arrow in Wales.

Please contact Christine Hugh-Jones or Phil Ward.

Wye Salmon Association 

For interested volunteers across the whole of the Wye catchment, or any other areas of the Wye catchment not mentioned above.

Please contact Stuart Smith or visit their website.

Wye Salmon Association

Friends of the Lower Wye

For volunteers interested in the Wye in Monmouthshire. This is a newly formed group, contact details for which we will post here as soon as they have been made available.


This group is monitoring water quality in the Curl Brook, a tributary of the river Arrow in north-west Herefordshire. However, the group is not currently recruiting volunteers.

Map Of Citizen Science Group Areas

(Map Reference: Elle Von Benzon, Cardiff University)