Latest Marches Crayfish Partnership

Marches Crayfish Partnership

The Marches Crayfish Partnership includes input from a number of organisations, and was formed to deliver a shared and exciting regional crayfish strategy.

Native White Clawed Crayfish

Native White Clawed Crayfish are a designated species in the SSSI Rivers of the Marches area of Shropshire, Herefordshire and Wales. Retaining their presence within the river catchments of this area is of significant regional importance.

What’s been happening?

Surveying & ARK sites

In order to strengthen the remaining populations that exist on our rivers, crayfish breeding, surveying and habitat enhancement work has already been undertaken and The Partnership are now looking to further this work and maximise opportunities for data capture, surveys, ARK site establishment and juvenile crayfish release. 

Local Training

To ensure continued delivery of surveys and monitoring, The Partnership have been and will continue to train local volunteers and professionals to be proficient in trapping and identifying crayfish species. In order to relieve pressure from our native species, volunteers also have the opportunity to learn how to tackle the invasive American Signal Crayfish.  

Working in Partnership

Working in partnership ensures the building of a healthy resilient landscape and will help to secure long-term stewardship of this environmental asset. It is hoped that the outcome of this project will safeguard a healthy population of this intriguing species within each of the four protected rivers in the Marches area.   


The organisations involved in this partnership are Natural England, Environment Agency, Natural Resources Wales, Wye and Usk Foundation, Severn Rivers Trust, Herefordshire Wildlife Trust, National Trust and Shropshire Hills AONB.

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