25th Anniversary Calendar

The 2020 Wye & Usk Foundation CalendarMonday 14th October, 2019

Thank you to everyone who entered their spectacular pictures into our 2019 photo competition! We received nearly 200 photos in total. It was fascinating to see what the two rivers mean to the those that took part.

The winning photos were chosen by a panel of four independent judges: Elizabeth Passey; Simon Upton; Gayle Marsh and Zena Holloway. Our thanks too to all four for their time and expertise.

The first prize of £250 was awarded to Tony Cook with his fantastic image of the Wye at Hereford.

This and the twelve runners-up will make up a 2020 calendar, produced specially to celebrate the Foundation’s 25th anniversary. The calendar will be available from Friday 18th October with the proceeds being put into projects that restore and protect the Wye and Usk.

Please support us by buying one!

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