Friday 6th November, 2020

Following the start of the 4-week lockdown in England yesterday, English Passport fisheries remain open for bookings. Angling is a permitted recreational activity in England during the lockdown but only on ‘local’ waters within walking distance or a short drive away.

The two-week firebreak lockdown in Wales ends on Monday, at which time those living in Wales can travel unlimited distances within Wales to fish. Welsh Passport fisheries will reopen for online bookings then.

However, no travel for recreational purposes is permitted across the border in either direction until at least December 2nd. This means that up to then at least, those living in Wales can only book Passport fisheries in Wales and those living in England may only book English fisheries local to them.

If you are fishing anywhere please ensure you follow COVID measures at all times. Please also remember that owners always retain the right to close their fisheries with immediate effect and that should lockdown restrictions be revised by either Government, the above could be changed at a moment’s notice.

Thank you, 

The Fishing Passport team.