Marathon des Salmon – The Usk

If you’ve been following the Foundation for a while, you may remember the ‘Marathon des Salmon’  run completed by our Chairman, Charlie Newington-Bridges, whereby he ran the length of the Wye in 5 days to raise money for the Wye and Usk Foundation.

Backing on the success of that ambitious run, Charlie and three others decided to do the same, but along the Usk this time instead. Starting at the source on the 3rd of June and reaching Newport only 3 days later, Charlie and the team ran the length of the Usk – an incredible 80 miles.

Charlie has kindly made the Foundation one of the two charities which he and the team continues to collect donations for. As it stands, the donations have surpassed the target and for that, we at the Wye and Usk Foundation thank Charlie, the team and everyone who has donated. With this kind contribution, we can continue to support and restore our beloved Wye and Usk.

There is still time to donate if you would like to contribute, simply click here!

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