New Tech to Aid Fishery Management

Sensors that provide live water temperature data will help with Wye and Usk fishery management.Wednesday 22nd May, 2019

One of the downsides of last year’s glorious summer was a prolonged drought that affected the Wye and Usk through July and early August. This situation could have been even worse without the compensation water released from reservoirs in both catchments.

Some fisheries took the decision to cease fishing during this time, while many anglers chose to refrain from casting a line. However, many other owners and anglers felt that they didn’t have enough factual information readily at hand to make informed decisions.

Last week, the Foundation installed a temperature sensor in the upper Wye with a live data feed to our Llanstephan webcam. This is the first of four sensors to be installed in the Wye catchment over the coming weeks (we will replicate this for the Usk once funding has been secured).

We hope that they will be a useful aid in fishery management decisions as well as just providing interesting information! Our thanks to our partners the Environment Agency for their support in this project.

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