New Fishing In Wales Website

Tuesday 28th January, 2020

A new project to promote Welsh fishing is to be officially launched in the spring. A new modern, content-driven website “Fishing In Wales” is being created with the objective of increasing angling participation in Wales.

The project is being managed and delivered by the Angling Trust, with funding from Visit Wales and Natural Resources Wales. It will include key information on where, how and when to fish, covering all angling disciplines. Also included will be the extra essential information, such as local accommodation, tackle outlets and guides.

Another feature that will make this stand out from previous promotional websites is the ability to book the fishing that is listed online. The Fishing Passport will provide this facility and we are delighted to be partners in this endeavor.

Any Welsh fisheries wishing to join the project can do so by contacting Ceri Thomas at the Angling Trust.

For Welsh fishery owners that do not yet participate in the Passport, the Foundation is offering discounted rates for a limited period for any that join the scheme during the project. Please contact us on 01874 711 714 if you would like more information.

Read the full press release (Angling Trust website)

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