Recent Floods Bring Unexpected Fishing Opportunities

One of ten chub caught from a wheat field near Ross-on-Wye recentlyFriday 15th November, 2019

A few weekends ago the Wye experienced its highest water levels in over 20 years, bringing the usual damage to property and business. While nobody should forget the misery flooding causes, there were a couple of light relief stories too.

Most coarse anglers who had booked fishing that weekend understandably decided to stay at home.

However, two gents fishing near Ross-on-Wye had different ideas. Fishing over fifty yards from the riverbank in what was previously a wheat field (you might just be able to make them out in bottom left of title photo, courtesy of Angling Dreams), they managed to catch ten chub during the day! These fish had probably moved out of the river channel both to shelter from the flows and to feed on worms that were trying to escape the flood water.

Thomas Macdonald-Ames with a 10lb grass carp he rescued from an orchard near Hay-on-WyeOur advice is always to be extremely cautious with flooded rivers. These anglers stuck to water’s edge with an easy escape route behind them but we think they deserve a huge amount of credit for their innovation!

Meanwhile, further upriver and over the border into Wales, Thomas Macdonald-Ames came across an unusual sight in a flooded orchard. Flapping around amongst the autumn apple fall was a 12lb grass carp. The fish had escaped from a pond in the local garden centre, swam down a flooded lane, turned left under an old railway bridge before entering the orchard via the gate.

We are glad to report that the carp has been re-homed and is recovering well from its ordeal!

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