The Foundation’s operations team are putting the finishing touches to a major fish pass delayed by last winter's floods.

The “Larinier” style pass at Ballsgate weir on the Lugg at Aymestrey will open up miles of prime salmon spawning habitat upstream. Currently, the weir is impassable to fish in all but a very few water heights.

As well as adult salmon migration, the pass will enable better downstream passage of smolts, making their way to the sea. In addition, migration both up and downstream will be much easier as a result of the pass for a range of other fish species such as trout, grayling and eels.

Work was due to be completed last autumn but due to the Lugg being high or in full flood from mid-September throughout the winter, the second and third phases of the project had to be postponed until this year. We

This fish pass is the largest and most complex the Foundation has undertaken. We are building it in partnership with the Environment Agency and with funding from the European Regional Development Fund.