Usk Salmon Poaching Incident

Wednesday 23rd February, 2022

Natural Resources Wales have brought prosecutions against two men for killing Usk salmon.

Carlos Davies and Mateusz Kakolewski were charged with taking the fish illegally from the river near Brecon in October 2020. They had posted images of themselves holding dead salmon on Facebook.

The case was held at Merthyr Tydfil Magistrates Court on Wednesday 16th February 2022. Initially, Carlos Davies failed to attend court but subsequently faced magistrates on 23rd February. Both men were fined a total of £2,134 including costs.

Afon Ennig

Elsewhere, a pig farm in the Wye catchment has closed following a visit from Natural Resources Wales officers last year. The farm was believed to be a cause of significant run-off into the Ennig, a salmon and trout spawning brook which runs into the Afon Llynfi (upper Wye tributary) near Talgarth.

Foundation staff have witnessed the Ennig running much clearer after rainfall following the unit’s closure. This will help the recovery of the Llynfi, a river that has suffered serious pollution incidents in the past few years. It will also reduce the amount of phosphorus and sediment entering the Wye system.

The Foundation would like to thank the Natural Resources Wales officers for their efforts in both cases.

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