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Acid Waters

Clean water, clean Wye?

The River Wye faces a number of challenges, including how clean its water is. The standard of water quality can be influenced by a broad range of factors, including sewage works, agriculture & forestry. Here you will find information on local projects, monitoring data and plans which inform us of the current condition of the Wye’s water quality.

The River Wye is an ecological treasure

Good water quality is integral to ensuring the health of the river, to protect the species which call it home and maintain the ecosystem services it provides like clean drinking water and recreational activities for both those who live in or visit the catchment.

To find out more click on the following links:

Environment Agency’s “Catchment Explorer”

Natural Resources Wales’s “Water Watch Wales”

River Wye Nutrient Management Plan

Excessive nutrients in streams and rivers causes a dense growth of algae and plant life, this is called eutrophication. Read the strategic plan to reduce phosphate in the Wye.

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Find out about the improvements made to our sewage systems.

Acid waters

The acidification of headwaters of the Wye has been a serious threat to water quality is now being addressed

Focus on Farming

Agriculture shapes much of our landscape. Find out about local projects, initiatives and funding opportunities.

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