The Wye & Usk Foundation is much more than just an lobbying charity. First and foremost, we are a "doing" organisation with track record in delivering results for the environment. Our work can be divided into three categories:


Through a series of partnership projects, we remedy problems affecting the two rivers such as habitat degradation, poor water quality and diffuse pollution, over-abstraction, barriers to fish migration and over-exploitation of our fisheries.


We also advance education in river conservation.


We bring the economic benefits of our environmental work to local communities. This last element of our work is delivered through what we call The Fishing Passport. 

WUF's two charitable objects are:

To conserve, protect, rehabilitate and improve the salmon and other indigenous species of animal and plant life of the rivers Wye and Usk, their tributaries, streams and watercourses ("the River") and the banks, riparian lands and catchments of the river ("the River Corridor") and ...

To advance the education of the public in the conservation of rivers, river corridors and their animal and plant life and the need for conservation, protection, rehabilitation and improvement of such environments.

Help us achieve them

This work is entirely dependent on your support. Without it our rivers would be in the sorry state we found them in 1996. We hope you agree that restoring and protecting these precious two rivers is a worthy cause.

Put simply, everyone benefits from healthier rivers. Please take a look at the Support Us section to see how you can help us achieve this.