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Current projects

These projects are the means by which the Wye & Usk Foundation delivers its objectives.

The overriding aim is to restore or improve the ecology of the two rivers and their fisheries. We do this in a way that also provides maximum biodiversity gains, benefits the rural economy and educates people in the management and importance of these ecosystems.

The typical format is a partnership of organisations concerned with the particular activity in which each project is actively engaging. In some cases the Foundation is the lead, in others we have been invited to join projects sponsored by another organisation. This enables financial resources and skills to be brought together, to both increase spending power and to extend the range of activities undertaken.

Partners and funders are listed in each set of project details.

Only 14% of rivers in England are in ‘good health’ – one of the worst records in Europe. This project will ensure there is robust evidence base for tackling environmental challenges with direct support for local evidence gathering and community engagement in eight demonstration catchments, and a national framework of standardised tools and training.
In partnership with Cardiff University, the Wye & Usk Foundation has set up a PhD study to establish the causes of the Wye’s severe algal blooms.
A new way of delivering improvements to our rivers through the way our food is produced
Boosting salmonid fish stocks in the Wye and Usk
Returning the Elan to a natural state
A project to tackle invasive weeds in the Wye and Usk catchments
Securing better water resource management for the Wye and Usk
The Foundation has been clearing litter from rivers since 2004.
Bringing together those with a shared interest in the Wye catchment.