AboutWhat We Are

What We Are

The Wye & Usk Foundation is a registered charity (no. 1080319) concerned with ecology and more specifically, restoring the habitat, water quality and fisheries of the rivers Wye and Usk. 

We are the largest rivers’ trust in England and Wales in terms of output and a leader in our field, developing new techniques and delivering improvements for the aquatic environment.


The Foundation was formed in 1995 due to the alarming decline in Atlantic salmon and that very little was being done to address the serious problems facing the rivers Wye and Usk. Since then, we have worked with a range of partners and the wider public in a series of projects to remedy these issues. This has been to the benefit a wide range of flora and fauna, along with local communities and the economy.

Our Work

We are much more than just a lobbying charity. First and foremost, we are a “doing” organisation with track record in delivering results for the environment. Broadly speaking, our work can be divided into three categories:


Through a series of partnership projects, we remedy problems affecting the two rivers such as habitat degradation, poor water quality and diffuse pollution, over-abstraction, barriers to fish migration and over-exploitation of our fisheries.


We also deliver environmental learning opportunities about rivers across the Wye and Usk catchment areas.


We bring the economic benefits of our environmental work to local communities. This last element of our work is delivered through what we call The Fishing Passport.

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