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Farm Work

For many years the Foundation’s work has concentrated on improving access to and the condition of fish spawning habitat.

By 2012, however, it was becoming increasingly obvious that land management in the surrounding catchment had become the limiting factor for improving fish numbers further. A significant proportion of our work since then has focussed on the wider catchment draining into our rivers. Underpinning this area of the Foundation’s work is the European Union’s Water Framework Directive (WFD

Unsustainable management of catchments is not just bad news for rivers and aquatic life. It can also impact on drinking water supplies, exacerbate flooding as well as drought conditions, result in less nutritious food being produced and contribute to climate change.

The Foundation’s work mitigates these effects. Our advisors identify opportunities with farmers that are beneficial to both their business as well as the environment.

The majority of their work covers the following areas:

Natural solutions to flood management
Keeping soil out of rivers and on the land
Keeping farm animals out of rivers
Ensuring the correct handling of chemicals
Improvements to farm infrastructure that also benefit rivers