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Habitat Team

The Foundation’s habitat staff work out in the catchments twelve months of the year, come rain or shine.

In the winter, the work involves mostly fencing and coppicing, while in the summer months we concentrate more on liming and fish pass work.

Our current Habitat Team consists of:

Lee has worked for the Foundation since 2006 and has been involved with habitat improvement, water quality and fish access projects all over the Wye and Usk catchments.

Meyrick amesMeyrick has been with the Foundation for 19 years and has been involved in nearly every major outdoor project we have undertaken. He is skilled in using nearly every type of machinery required for river restoration. Meyrick has another string to his bow too: a graduate in graphic design, many of the photos featured in this website are his.

Louis is probably more office-based these days but he is the one who manages all the Foundation’s physical outdoor work, including H&S and consenting. Having gained a Higher National Diploma in Fisheries Management from Sparsholt College, Louis has worked on rivers all his life and has a wealth of knowledge in everything fisheries-related.