Latest Natural Flood Management Videos

Natural Flood Management Videos

How nature’s umbrellas and sponges and sneaky leaky dams help to slow the flow!

The Wye and Usk Foundation’s Education department is pleased to announce it has produced two new video resources to introduce the concept of Natural Flood Management and some of the techniques being used by partners in the county to Slow the Flow. 

The videos which were produced in close collaboration with Hereford Council are suitable for upper KS2 and year 7 students. Lasting approximately 10mins each, the fast moving videos contain animations and simple experiments illustrating how various methods work, to reduce both flooding and soil erosion, in an engaging way. 

We hope you will enjoy these videos, do please contact the Foundation if you have any queries.

For more information about the Natural Flood Management work being carried out by the partnership in Herefordshire please visit Herefordshire Council’s website.

For more ideas and suggestions for teachers on Natural Flood Management go to The Rivers Trust Education Hub. Click on KS2. to find a resource called Down to the Wyre a Natural Flood Management story book. This is an excellent resource created by the Wyre Rivers Trust which includes a really useful link to Teachers notes which will take you to links for lesson plans and ideas for work in school.

Natural Flood Management, Episode 1, Trees

Natural Flood Management, Episode 2, Attenuation

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