Ten Reasons to Support the Foundation

If you are unsure about donating to the Foundation, here are ten reasons that we hope will convince you to support our work…..

Multiple beneficiaries

Although fish are the primary focus, they aren’t the sole beneficiaries of WUF’s work. A huge range of flora and fauna prosper in and around clean and healthy rivers including birds, mammals, insects, amphibians and plants.

More fish, better fishing

But if you’re an angler, it’s quite simple:healthier rivers mean more fish to catch. If you’re a coarse angler, please click here for further information on what we do to improve your fishing. Game anglers, please click here.

Make a difference

WUF have a successful history of turning donations into much larger projects. Whatever you give will have much more impact than just its face value (we have managed to make donations increase by over tenfold this way). It will make a difference.


WUF has dedicated, enthusiastic staff who are determined to return the Wye and Usk to their former glories. In addition, our Board of Trustees take a personal interest in the day-to-day activities of the charity. You can be confident that your donation is going solely towards achieving the Foundation’s charitable objectives.


WUF have pioneered river restoration techniques that have been used by other rivers trusts and conservation bodies. These include solving the problem of acid rain and cost effective solutions for fish passage. We will continue to develop these methods for the benefit of all UK rivers.

Sustainable restoration

Every part of the Foundation’s work is designed to have long-lasting and sustainable benefits. We know that river restoration takes time – there are few, if any “quick fixes.”


The flora and fauna of the Wye and Usk face an increasing number and variety of threats. The Foundation has the experience, expertise and motivation to face up to and tackle these.

Who else will protect the rivers?

Government funding for fisheries is diminishing in both England and Wales with increasing pressure on the resources of statutory bodies. For anglers, it is not enough these days just to say “I pay my fishing licence….”

Become part of a success story

WUF also have a pedigree of delivering objectives. Although there is still more to be done, the Wye and Usk are generally believed to be bucking the national trend of rivers in decline. Please click here to see a summary of the work we have completed so far with the kind help of our supporters.

Our duty to future generations

We hope that you have at some point enjoyed the benefits of a healthy river, or know somebody who has. We have a duty to pass this on to future generations.

Help us to secure the future health of the rivers for them.

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