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Woodlands for Water

Planting trees to help our rivers

Planting the right tree in the right place can benefit the Wye, its tributaries, and the surrounding area by keeping water clean, keeping rivers cool, holding water in the landscape, storing carbon, providing shelter for livestock and improving biodiversity.

Wye & Usk Foundation Agricultural Advisors are offering free advice and support to landowners to apply for the  England Woodland Creation Offer grant.

To find out more contact Katie Parkinson, Natural Capital Officer at The Wye & Usk Foundation, on

Background & information

The aim of this project is to engage and work with landowners within the Wye catchment in England to create more riparian and wider catchment woodland.

Woodlands for Water is the first project developed by the Riverscapes Partnership which, with support from Defra, aims to create 1,600 hectares of trees in six river catchment areas from Devon to Cumbria by March 2025.

The Riverscapes Partnership includes experts from The Rivers Trust, National Trust, Woodland Trust and Beaver Trust who will provide specialist advice in the selected river catchment areas across England, ensuring that there is a pipeline of projects for riparian planting in future years.

To create these woodlands, farmers and landowners will be able to get advice and support from local land management advisors to apply for funding through the England Woodland Creation Offer grant, plus a simple carbon trading offer, which provides greater financial incentives for landowners and farmers to plant and manage trees along rivers, watercourses and wider catchments. 

The Wye & Usk Foundation have engaged with landowners in England to provide trusted farm advice for over 20 years and have a well-established network of Advisors who are working to improve the resilience of the Wye and Usk catchments.

This project is being delivered through the Nature for Climate funding from Defra. You can read more via their Put Down Roots campaign here  


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