The rivers

Working In Or Near the Wye or Usk?

The process of consenting work that could affect either river or one of its tributaries can be a complex one. We are often asked what  permissions are required for a host of different activities, from trimming bank foliage to putting in steps or improving access to the water, extracting gravel or improving land drainage.

The answer will depend on a variety of things, not just the type of work you wish to carry out. Is the river designated main river or Ordinary Water Course? Does it have SSSI or SAC designation? These are factors that will determine what steps are required to ensure the work you do is legal.

And the advantages of keeping rivers in good condition are felt far beyond those that live next to or frequent them.

To help you through the process, here is a guide to the procedure with the various links to the relevant authorities who regulate the consents.

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