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The Future Fund

The trustees of the Wye & Usk Foundation have started an endowment fund to support its works and charitable objectives. They are appealing to everyone with an interest in the rivers to contribute towards it as well. The income from what is called the Future Fund will ultimately guarantee a reliable level of core finance. This will allow us to raise the money needed to support restoration projects. It will give us a degree of certainty in our planning that enables us to concentrate on “the day job” – putting more fish into the rivers – rather than spending time fundraising and filling in time consuming funding forms. The fund is being professionally managed (with trustee oversight) and the capital will be strictly reserved, save in exceptional circumstances determined by the Foundation’s trustees. By helping us achieve a level of financial stability that ensures the good health of the two rivers, your donation to the Future Fund really will make a difference to the future of the Wye and Usk. Thank you for your support.

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