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Wye River Improvement Fund

The Foundation owes its existence to the owners who set it up and who since have provided the core finance used to draw down much larger sums to invest in the river. This is something that has set the Wye and Usk apart from many other rivers in England and Wales – fishery owners have taken a lead role in tackling problems facing them. Owners can be extremely proud of what has been achieved but the Wye will always be faced with new threats and we must continue our efforts to ensure the river is in good health. We contact Wye owners every year with a donation request to the Wye River Improvement Fund (RIF). The amount requested is based on the 5-year average salmon catch in the early 1990s, with a minimum amount of £350. In return for your donation, we assure you that whatever you can give will be used only in projects to improve Wye fisheries. If you are a Wye owner and are unsure as to the amount requested for your fishery, please get in touch with us on  01874 711 714. Otherwise, you can use this page to make your annual contribution. Thank you for your support.

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