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The Wye & Usk Foundation’s two charitable objects are:

  1. To conserve and maintain, protect, restore and improve the environments and habitats of the rivers Wye and Usk, their entire catchments, tributaries, watercourses and estuaries, including the Severn Estuary, together with their fish species especially salmon and other indigenous species of animal and plant life.
  2. To advance education in the conservation of rivers, river catchments and their animal and plant life and the need for conservation, protection, restoration and improvement of such environments for the wellbeing of future generations.

Why does our work matter?

To those with an interest in the rivers, the answer is obvious.

Yet all of society benefits from clean, healthy rivers that function in a natural way. Quite simply, there are no losers.

And the advantages of keeping rivers in good condition are felt far beyond those that live next to or frequent them. 

Just one example is our water bills. Water companies spend millions of pounds a year removing pollutants from the water they take from rivers. Customers, of course, pay for this ultimately but preventing pollution happening in the first places is a far cheaper way of dealing with the problem.

So even if you couldn’t care less about the aquatic environment, it’s important to remember that dirty rivers in poor condition cost you money.

Help us achieve our objectives

This work is entirely dependent on your support. Without it our rivers would be in the sorry state we found them in 1995. We hope you agree that restoring and protecting these precious two rivers is a worthy cause.

Please take a look at the Support Us section to see how you can help us achieve this.

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